Covering orchards with low-percentage agricultural net can significantly improve the performance of your orchard / vineyard. Part of the responses can be attributed to the filtering of the light spectrum by the nets, and part is due to physical protection and creating a friendlier micro-climate. Advantages of using agricultural[...]

Vegetable planting guide part 12: Peeling the layers off onion farming

Evidence suggests that onions have been part of the human diet for over 5 000 years. This means that it may have been one of the first cultivated crops. Knowing this, a quote by American cooking teacher, Julia Child, rings true: “It’s hard to imagine society without onions.” The[...]

Vegetable planting guide Part 9: Sunflowers

The sunflower, Helianthus annus L., is one of the few crop species that can be traced back to North America, despite reports that it originated in the Fertile Crescent, Asia, or in South or Central America. Most likely, it was used as a "camp flower" by several western Native[...]

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