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Four ways Africa’s driest countries improve water

Three percent of Earth's water is fresh, and over two-thirds of that tiny amount is unavailable or polluted. The entire human race relies on the remaining 0,5 percent to survive. But water distribution is uneven – few places prove this point as much as Africa does. Cameroon receives an[...]

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Knittex quality means testing the limits to ensure reliability

Knittex is known for its high-quality range of shade netting across industries. To keep their name synonymous with quality, they have a list of stringent tests that every net must pass according to predetermined standards. The rigorous testing is conducted throughout the manufacturing process. If you are curious to[...]

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Emerging farmers in Zimbabwe urged to take agriculture seriously

Young emerging farmers in Zimbabwe are showing increasing interest in venturing into agriculture, but the hurdles that lie ahead are making it difficult for them to make headway. Youth organisations representing young farmers are expressing concern about the lack of proper mentorship, as well as access to land and[...]

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Enhance Cellular Connectivity on your farm with Bolton Technical

Many farmers in South Africa, situated in remote areas, encounter challenges related to sluggish internet speeds and inadequate cellular phone coverage. This issue often stems from their distance from the nearest cell tower or obstructions like mountains and dense walls that impede cellular signals. In addressing these challenges, Bolton[...]

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Take Knittex’s groundsheets on your holiday adventures

Are you ready for the school holidays? Grab your flip-flops, beachwear and sunglasses as you head outdoors, but don’t forget your gear! For camping or activities under the summer sky, remember to pack your Knittex groundsheet. Knittex’s groundsheet is a raised profile knitted mesh fabric. This product is ideal[...]

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