SA Pure Water saving costs by knowing what is in your water

At SA PURE WATER, we ensure clean water anytime, anywhere. Municipal water sources are often unsafe due to pollution from rivers, dams, boreholes and insufficient maintenance. This includes underground water. Municipal water sources are often contaminated with debris and bacteria. Rivers, dams, boreholes, and even underground water can be[...]

Video: Dry Ice for Boreholes

Did you know you can use dry ice to open a blocked borehole? Using dry ice is an ideal and powerful way to clean a borehole without toxic chemicals. Dry ice sinks to the bottom where it boils off and returns into a gas. This forms pressurised carbonated water[...]

By Specialist Writer|6th October 2021|Categories: Videos, Water|

DAB Pumps are leaders in innovation

DAB Pumps has once again proven to be the leaders in innovation by launching the DAB S4Sun solar borehole solution in South Africa. This didn’t happen overnight and extensive field trails were carried out over a period of two years, prior to going to market.  The S4Sun solar borehole[...]

By Specialist Writer|18th February 2021|Categories: Irrigation, Water|
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