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SPECK: More than just pumps

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SPECK South Africa is a circulation pump manufacturer at its core and the 1st SPECK pump hit the South African shores 52 years ago from Germany, where they have been designing and manufacturing innovative and high-quality SPECK pumps for over 112 years. 

We have however added so many more products over the years that we offer so much more than just pumps.  Some additions to our basket of products include the JohnTech and Vansan pump ranges, the MultiCyclone Pre-filters and the BADU®Solar System that makes it possible to run your normal DC SPECK circulation pump on solar power!  And that’s just to name a few!

So why the JohnTech/Vansan range of pumps?  Easy. We support our customers that support our business and their ranges are extensive, readily available, of outstanding quality and budget priced!  And that winning recipe of success is hard to ignore.

What do you do when the taps run dry and you are a company that makes its living from water? You broaden your horizons! With the drought that hit Cape Town in 2015-17 with a very possible day zero insight, we needed to think water-wise products.  The biggest water loss of a swimming pool is cleaning it; backwashing of the sand filter. 

The best product to limit water from going down the drain presented to us was the MultiCyclone pre-filter range and what brilliant products they are! These units filter out up to 5-micron size of dirt and debris in the pool, tank, water body, so that’s 80 % of the job already before it reaches the filter.  And it only releases 15L of water to clean the sediment chamber.  Perfectly water-wise and it eases the workload of the filter and potentially cut backwash frequency to only 3 times a year, and that is just fantastic.  You can even do one better with the PLUS or ULTRA ranges, that combine a cartridge filter with the MultiCyclone, and then you don’t need to backwash at all!

Other than lack of water, we also faced extreme amounts of load shedding, and here too, we came up with the BADU®Solar System. We wanted to supply customers with an easy solution that is budget-friendly while still keeping the output performance of our pumps. So no need for expensive batteries that you have to replace every 5 years. Gone are the 25 panels that cover the whole roof just to run a pump. The most you will need is the 3 – 5 panels with their boosters and the control box that converts the power from AC to DC power to your normal SPECK pump up to 1.10kW. 

Need the pump to run 24 hours?  No problem.  We have designed the system in such a way that you can choose between running full solar power or dual-use with top-up power from the grid, that way eliminating the expensive batteries. The control box is also fully integrated with software that you can access via a computer or your cell phone from anywhere.  That way, you can monitor that it’s working, look at performance statistics and change the settings to suit your requirements.

We have 4 branches nationwide but our digital reach goes far beyond our country’s borders. We supply customers across the whole of Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. We have an extensive stock holding of all our made-to-last quality products, the longest warranties on the circulation pump market, an extensive spares range, outstanding service and testing facilities at all 4 of our branches nationwide.

All products are available to view on the website or send an e-mail with your requirements to


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    Where are you based? We are looking for a water pump, 160 litres per minute. Please assist, our has been stolen

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