ProAgri SA 285

By Bianca Henning|7th November 2023|Tydskrif, Tydskrif (RSA)|

Groen en goud – kleure van hoop Soos wat die einde van die jaar al hoe nader kruip besef jy dat die afgelope jaar ‘n tyd van uitdagings en geleenthede vir ons en veral vir die landboubedryf was. Dit is[...]

ProAgri SA 284

By Bianca Henning|9th October 2023|Tydskrif, Tydskrif (RSA)|

Kostestygings gaan boere knou Suid-Afrika ervaar tans uiters hoë brandstofpryse. Nog kostestygings gaan die landbousektor volgende maand hard slaan. Die styging in brandstofpryse het boere moedeloos, maar aan gaan lê dink hulle nie eens nie. Boere het egter ’n uitdagende[...]

ProAgri Zambia 94

By Bianca Henning|20th November 2023|Magazine, Magazine (Zambia)|

Adapt … and flourish! I recently came across an interesting and mind-blowing news article. Most cattle farmers are sure to do thorough research before choosing a suitable breed of cattle for their farms. Popular cattle breeds in Africa include the[...]

ProAgri Zambia 93

By Bianca Henning|20th October 2023|Magazine, Magazine (Zambia)|

I am delighted to welcome you to the latest edition of ProAgri Zambia - your trusted source for the latest developments and innovations in the field of agriculture in our great nation. As we enter a new season, it is[...]

ProAgri BNZ 49

By Bianca Henning|20th October 2023|BNZ, Magazine|

Dear readers We are excited to bring you the latest insights and updates on agriculture in Botswana, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. These three countries have a rich agricultural heritage, and there is much to explore in terms of developments, challenges, and[...]

ProAgri BNZ 48

By Bianca Henning|22nd September 2023|BNZ, Magazine|

The diverse and ever-evolving world of agriculture African agriculture, with its vast potential, holds the key to eradicating hunger and poverty among its rural populations. The agricultural industry is one of the most diverse industries world-wide. Agriculture has been a[...]

ProAgri BNZ 47

By Bianca Henning|22nd August 2023|BNZ, Magazine|

WOMEN IN AGRICULTURE From the classroom to the farm to the boardroom … women in agriculture are helping to pave the way for a better[...]

ProAgri BNZ 46

By Bianca Henning|20th July 2023|BNZ, Tydskrif|

The real cost of progress: Over the past couple of decades, we have enjoyed plenty of benefits because of the progress made in farming. More people[...]

ProAgri BNZ 45

By Bianca Henning|19th June 2023|BNZ, Magazine|

When patience pays off My memories of youth, growing up on the farm, include spending entire days climbing trees, hunting for earthworms to use as[...]

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