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ProAgri Africa/Zambia 99

Enhancing climate reliant crops: How Africa adapts We recently had the honour of visiting a few farmers and attending the annual AgriTech Expo in the northern region of Zambia. As we delved into the heart of Africa's agricultural landscape, we uncovered stories of resilience, innovation, and growth that inspire[...]

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ProAgri Zambia 88

One Zambia, one nation ProAgri really appreciated the opportunity and experience of being welcomed warmheartedly at the Agritech Expo, and happy to see it being back in full swing. Agritech Expo Zambia is indeed Zambia’s leading professional agriculture trade fair; a very solid agricultural platform in Zambia showcasing advanced[...]

By Bianca Henning|12th May 2023|Categories: Tydskrif (Zambië)|

ProAgri Zambia 56

Dark clouds are forming over Zambia. If it were rain, it would have been fine, but unfortunately it is swarms of millions of deadly locusts. They are deadly because they can cause famine related deaths. An African migratory locust (AML) outbreak is upon us and already causing havoc in[...]

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