ProAgri BNZ 50

Celebrating our 50th edition of ProAgri BNZ! It is with great joy and a sense of accomplishment that we present to you the 50th edition of our beloved ProAgri Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe magazine. Where has the time gone? As we reflect on this milestone and as we take[...]

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ProAgri Zambia 94

Adapt … and flourish! I recently came across an interesting and mind-blowing news article. Most cattle farmers are sure to do thorough research before choosing a suitable breed of cattle for their farms. Popular cattle breeds in Africa include the Bonsmara, Ankole, Nguni, Afrikaner and Boran, because they are[...]

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ProAgri BNZ 49

Dear readers We are excited to bring you the latest insights and updates on agriculture in Botswana, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. These three countries have a rich agricultural heritage, and there is much to explore in terms of developments, challenges, and opportunities in this vital sector. As we all know,[...]

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ProAgri Zambia 92

What is the future of precision farming? You may have heard soft rumblings of the next best thing in agriculture, of the future of agriculture, the new face, the new way of doing things … Pressure on farmers is high. A growing world population, estimated to reach nearly 10[...]

By Bianca Henning|27th September 2023|Categories: Magazine, Magazine (Zambia)|Tags: , |
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