Research to drive agricultural sustainability in Zimbabwe – FAO

As Zimbabwe continues to seek ways to maximise its agriculture production, agencies are calling for more research to assist farmers to adopt sustainable practices. In a recent update, the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) said sustainable farming practices will help promote agricultural biodiversity. In a press briefing, FAO said[...]

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Zimbabwe agriculture mechanisation-from Belarus with love

Zimbabwe's agriculture industrial revolution has gone a notch up with the confirmation of more support from Belarus. It was announced early February by Zimbabwe's Agriculture Ministry that the Southern African country would get four thousand tractors from Belarus this year to help drive its food production ambitions. Once a[...]

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Zimbabwe eyes multi-billion-dollar irrigation to boost agriculture

Zimbabwe has in the past three years invested an estimated USD2- billion into dam construction, irrigation, and water management as the country escalated efforts to boost agriculture production. This emerged after the Africa-Italy summit in January this year where President Emmerson Mnangagwa met with other leaders to plead the[...]

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Bamboo promotes conservation, forestry, and agriculture

Photos by EcoPlanet Bamboo Bamboo is not exactly a plant that is associated with South Africa's natural beauty or agriculture. But these days the plant is making headlines when topics such as carbon sequestration, reforestation, and regenerative agriculture are discussed. In addition, bamboo is a plant with many uses.[...]

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