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Zambia faces severe drought crisis impacting cattle feed availability – are climate smart crops the answer?

Zambia is currently grappling with a severe drought that threatens to devastate its agricultural sector, particularly the livestock industry. The lack of rain has led to massive crop failures, resulting in an acute shortage of cattle feed. Without immediate intervention, Zambian cattle farmers could face losses of up to[...]

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UN agency assists SADC farmers address swine fever

As more people take up farming in the Southern African region, experts are concerned about a dearth of skills. Despite the promise of economic viability, agriculture is seeing new entrants with little hands-on knowledge, effectively compromising growth. SADC countries continue to face a litany of economic and social challenges,[...]

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Feeding livestock during the winter

Article supplied The winter not only brings cold weather and rain in certain areas, but livestock farmers also have to prepare to ensure their animals’ nutritional needs are met. When temperatures fall, the animal requires more energy. Due to the nutritional and mineral values that drop in pastures during[...]

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