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Tiger Animal Feeds: More than just feed Production tools for success in broiler business

by Given Hamanungu, Senior Technical Advisor for Tiger Animal Feeds Broiler farming is a very important farming business. For the farmer to be successful and achieve maximum results in the broiler business, certain pieces of equipment are necessary. Thermometer Heat stress decreases the productivity of broilers and thus farm[...]

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Tiger Chicks shares knowledge on effective broiler vaccination

A broiler health strategy starts with the broiler breeder, includes broiler management, and is fine-tuned by the judicious use of vaccines. Vaccination is an integral part of any chicken health management programme. A successful vaccination schedule is dynamic, maintaining a balance between disease risk and the type and frequency[...]

Prolick: An excellent source of non-protein nitrogen for ruminant animals

by Barbara Mulonda Simbaya, Technical Advisor at Tiger Animal Feeds Non-protein nitrogen (NPN) is a term used in animal nutrition to refer collectively to components such as urea, biuret, and ammonia, which are not proteins but can be converted into proteins by microbes in the ruminant animal’s stomach. In[...]

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