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Effects of litter on your broiler production

Litter in poultry management refers to the bedding put on the floor to give comfort to the birds and enable absorption of the manure. There are a number of options when choosing the litter material to use. The options include white pine shavings, coarse pine sawdust, hardwood shavings, pine[...]

Broiler uniformity is money

Uniformity of performance in broilers Broiler business demands good results for good performance, therefore when measuring the success of a broiler business, the following typical performance parameters should be taken into serious consideration: Market weight Days to market Mortality Feed conversion ratio (FCR) Profit per kilogram (after feed and[...]

Beware of unnecessary losses in broiler production: Part 2

by Given Hamanungu Simple overlooked issues are costly Brooding is the period immediately after hatch when special care and attention must be given to chicks to ensure their health and survival. In nature, a broody hen takes over all brooding requirements and makes sure all the necessary conditions needed[...]

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Prevent unnecessary losses in broiler production – part 1

by Given Hamanungu – Senior Technical Advisor at Tiger Feeds Broiler chicks are very frail, especial­ly during the first few weeks of their lives. It is therefore important to have sound management knowledge to keep them healthy. Moreover, despite the quality chicks supplied by the hatchery and the ef­ficiency[...]

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