Standard Bank urges support for South African poultry industry after bird flu recovery

By Nico Groenewald, Head Agri Business Last year the poultry sector faced unprecedented challenges after an outbreak of bird flu across the country, which forced many producers to scale down production temporarily and deal with the unfolding crisis. The impact on supply chains and consumers was heavily felt. However,[...]

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Agri Trends Livestock: Local prices show month-on-month declines

Beef market trends International beef market The U.S. beef prices remain firm despite lower feed costs and improving weather, driving demand for feeder cattle. Prices of feeder cattle saw strong support from the steep decline in corn prices underpinned by hefty US and global supplies that continue to weigh[...]

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HPAI and the poultry industry’s recovery status

By Izaak Breitenbach, GM, SAPA Broiler Organisation The South African poultry industry is on the road to recovery from recent Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza outbreaks that have plagued producers since January. With strong biosecurity protocols and monitoring programmes in place, evidence suggests that the infection rate has peaked, and[...]

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Opening boarders for Zimbabwe, Namibia, Angola and Malawi can ease pressure for SA’s shortage of eggs

By dr Abongile Balarane: from South African Poultry Association (SAPA) The South Africa Poultry Association Egg Organization welcomes the announcement of Minister Didiza on allowing importation of fertile eggs for hatcheries including products such as powder and liquid eggs. These are good steps to assist the industry during this[...]

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