Demystifying antibiotic use in livestock production

The responsible use of antibiotics is critical to maintaining herd health. Yet, the South-African cattle production industry is battling the prophylactic use of antibiotics in the treatment of diseases in cattle. This leads to misuse of antibiotics, which in turn causes antibiotic resistance. This is the view of Thapelo[...]

By Specialist Writer|5th September 2023|Categories: Articles, Livestock and game|Tags: , , , , |

Livestock identification part 2: Ear tattooing and notching

Improved alternatives to replace conventional methods of livestock identification, such as branding or ear tags, have been available for quite some time now. Farmers and breed­ers today are taking advantage of the trend of having more detailed information etched into the ears of their prized animals as a means[...]

By Natasha Pretorius|21st August 2023|Categories: Articles, Livestock and game|Tags: , , , |

Algar Ind makes it easier

Algar Ind is well-known in the agricultural industry for their livestock handling equipment for cattle, sheep and goats. Farmers are especially satisfied with their excellent service. Some of their products for cattle is the Neck clamp, Body clamp, Adjustable Alley, Back-stop, Alleys, Kraal sides and Gates, Sweep Tub, Loading Ramp, Hip[...]

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