Crop production

Reimagining seed potato farming with a crane-friendly trial at Ivanhoe Farm

Potatoes are traditionally one of the most intensive crops to grow on a commercial scale in terms of soil disturbance and chemical input usage. Is there potential for the economically viable production of high-quality seed potato crops using regenerative agriculture practices and minimal to zero synthetic fertilisers and chemical[...]

By Specialist Writer|22nd November 2023|Categories: Articles, Crop production|Tags: , , , , |

Bamboo promotes conservation, forestry, and agriculture

Photos by EcoPlanet Bamboo Bamboo is not exactly a plant that is associated with South Africa's natural beauty or agriculture. But these days the plant is making headlines when topics such as carbon sequestration, reforestation, and regenerative agriculture are discussed. In addition, bamboo is a plant with many uses.[...]

By Maryna Steyn|13th November 2023|Categories: Articles, Crop production|Tags: , , , |
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