Discover a better way to clean vehicles and machinery with Nerta’s touchless soaps

Nerta's range of touchless soaps offers versatile cleaning solutions for fleets and heavy machinery. Now available in South Africa! Visit to view our full range of products. Our adaptable offerings streamline your wash bay operations for various applications: • Trucking • Mining, Earthmoving, and Construction equipment • Car[...]

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Sawmilling in the shadow of the dragon

The southern slopes of the Drakensberg or Dragon Mountain range in the Eastern Cape Province, is home to New Heights Sawmill and a Wood-Mizer sawmill line that governs the mill’s output. The magnificent Drakensberg Mountain range straddles the eastern side of the southern African escarpment like a giant reclining[...]

Steel or Timber?

When it comes to choosing between steel and timber for construction, both materials have their unique advantages and disadvantages, making the decision largely dependent on the specific requirements of the project. Steel is known for its strength, durability, and resistance to pests and fire. It is particularly suitable for[...]

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SARO brings mechanisation to emerging- and small-scale farmers

The SARO team from the Kabwe Branch conducted a highly successful farm mechanisation demonstration at Kafinda village in Kapiri. This event, funded by the European Union, was part of our ongoing commitment to empower emerging and small-scale farmers with modern agricultural tools and techniques. Farmers from Kafinda and the[...]

FAW Trucks Southern Africa celebrates 30 years: Customer wins with historic vehicle swap

FAW Trucks Southern Africa marks its 30-year milestone with a touching exchange. In a symbolic gesture, FAW swapped out one of the last remaining 4th-generation models from a loyal customer’s fleet. FAW commemorated a loyal customer's long-standing partnership with the brand by replacing one of the very first units[...]

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