Drotsky S and T-range hammermills put to the test: The results will amaze you!

Drotsky has been manufacturing hammer mills and feed mixers since 1962. As a South African company our machines are built with African conditions in mind. Drotsky is committed to Africa and tackles milling HEAD-ON! Izak Wolfaardt, Mechanical Engineer at Drotsky says: “We are committed to providing our customers with[...]

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Maximum power with minimal impact on the environment: Scania SA announces the launch of the Scania V8 770S

Article supplied Southern Africa urgently needs to break the link between the increasing demand for transport and increasing carbon emissions, noise, traffic congestion and road accidents. To support this transition, Scania Southern Africa is launching the Scania V8 770S in South Africa. With improved energy efficiencies, low fuel consumption[...]

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Technews: The latest in agricultural technology from around the world

Case IH Advanced Feed-rate predicts crop density The Advanced Feed-rate Control system developed for Case IH AxialFlow combines has been awarded a Silver Medal in the Innovation Awards, presented by the organisers of the Agritechnica exhibition. It predicts crop density before the material enters the machine. In contrast to[...]

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Eicher trucks and buses enhances product range, enters bus segment in South Africa

Eicher Trucks and Buses today unveiled the next generation Eicher bus at Eicher Dealership Conference 2023. This marks the entry of Eicher branded buses in South African market. The group’s commercial vehicles engineered for South Africa are backed by Volvo Group’s advanced technology and processes, Eicher’s superior performance and[...]

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SARO Agro: Revolutionising agriculture and infrastructure development

Article supplied In the heart of Zambia, SARO Agro stands as a pioneering force, leading the charge in providing farmers and municipal bodies with cutting-edge equipment and solutions to boost productivity and development. Specialising in a wide range of machinery, from tractors and farm equipment to power generators, solar[...]

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