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Bearings International boosts industrial solutions with premium I-MAK brand

The strategic alliance between Bearings International (BI) and I-MAK initiated in February 2019 signalled a new chapter in BI's mission to augment its selection of premium brand offerings in a bid to deliver top-tier strategic solutions to Africa’s Sub-Saharan region. Robert Sillis, General Manager, BI Product Management, comments: "Our[...]

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I-MAK shifts gear with successful country road show

In a strategic move to fortify its presence in South Africa, I-MAK, a premium brand under the umbrella of Bearings International (BI), executed an impactful Country Road Show during November 2023. Robert Sillis, the General Manager - Products at BI, emphasised the initiative’s importance, stating: “The Country Road Show[...]

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Come look at NAMPO 2023: BI shows their leading brands and agri expertise

 Article supplied Leading supplier Bearings Interna­tional (BI) sees Grain SA’s NAMPO Harvest Day from 16 to 19 May as an important platform to interact with customers, original equipment manu­facturers (OEMs) and end users from all over South Africa, and to showcase its comprehensive product range for the farming community,[...]

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Bearings International: Laers van die hoogste gehalte

Bearings International, met die leuse “AGRI-SMART, Your Solutions Partner”, is een van die leiers in die Suid-Afrikaanse landboumark met die voorsiening van laers, elektriese motors en transmissieprodukte. Bearings International streef daarna om deur sy 40+ takke landswyd, toegevoegde waarde aan die eindverbruiker te bring. Toegevoegde waarde soos ʼn noodlyn[...]

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Bearings International keeps the wheels of agriculture rolling

Avital aspect in keeping the wheels and cogs of the farming industry running smoothly, is bearings. A faulty bearing can cause farming operations to grind to a halt, but fortunately, Bearings International is always ready to promptly supply farmers with the means to keep the wheels of their farming[...]

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