Senter360: The irrigation answer for Botswana’s farmers

One of the most important investments a farmer will ever make is a centre pivot irrigation system. Despite the initial outlay, the cost-benefit ratio is extremely favourable in the long term, particularly in areas like Botswana where natural precipitation can be irregular or scarce. The truth of this statement[...]

By Bianca Henning|9th April 2024|Categories: Articles, Irrigation|Tags: , , |

Water Quality Concerns and Contingencies

Time spent in the field this irrigation season, has alerted the Netafim Field Team of the extremely poor and worsening quality of available irrigation water in certain areas. According to Dexter Neethling, Product Manager at Netafim South Africa, water quality has noticeably deteriorated this summer. This statement is based[...]

Zimbabwe eyes multi-billion-dollar irrigation to boost agriculture

Zimbabwe has in the past three years invested an estimated USD2- billion into dam construction, irrigation, and water management as the country escalated efforts to boost agriculture production. This emerged after the Africa-Italy summit in January this year where President Emmerson Mnangagwa met with other leaders to plead the[...]

By Marko Phiri|20th February 2024|Categories: Articles, Irrigation|Tags: , , |

Smallholder farmers drive Africa’s irrigation revolution

Africa, like the rest of the world, faces the threat of climate change. As unpredictable weather patterns increasingly disrupt planting and harvesting seasons, reduce arable land and cause  a dwindling water supply, smallholder farmers are turning to innovative systems to secure year-round food production. These challenges adversely impact the[...]

By Tisha Steyn|2nd February 2024|Categories: Artikels|Tags: , |
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