Drought tests Zimbabwe’s disaster preparedness

Zimbabwe’s disaster preparedness has returned to haunt the country in the aftermath of a devastating drought. Questions have long been asked about the reliability and efficacy of the country’s early warning systems to forecast pending disasters such as below normal rainfall that will lead to drought. While other Southern[...]

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Konstitusionele Hof se uitspraak nie die einde van die pad vir Zimbabwiese boere

Vandag se uitspraak in die Konstitusionele Hof, waarin bevind is dat die eise van Suid-Afrikaanse slagoffers van Zimbabwe se grondgrype verjaar het, is nie die einde van die pad vir Zimbabwiese boere nie, benadruk Saai en AfriForum. Dié organisasies oorweeg reeds opvolgsake om regverdige en billike vergoeding vir slagoffers[...]

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Research to drive agricultural sustainability in Zimbabwe – FAO

As Zimbabwe continues to seek ways to maximise its agriculture production, agencies are calling for more research to assist farmers to adopt sustainable practices. In a recent update, the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) said sustainable farming practices will help promote agricultural biodiversity. In a press briefing, FAO said[...]

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Zimbabwe agri workers’ wage woes

Zimbabwe's agriculture sector workers' demands for a living wage remain elusive amid an escalating cost of living. As the country makes efforts to grow the sector into a multi-billion dollar industry, farm workers could well find themselves left behind regarding remuneration. Over the past two decades, the country's economy[...]

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