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Will Russian fertiliser change Zimbabwe’s fortunes?

Farmers in Zimbabwe have for years received free fertiliser from government schemes as part of efforts to boost grain production. The Ministry of Agriculture has targeted maize growers for fertiliser input as they are at the vanguard of the country's food security efforts. However, what has emerged in recent[...]

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SureStart® (Reg. No. L10385)

Have you heard about our systemic suspension emulsion herbicide for the pre- and early post-emergence control of annual broadleaf weeds and some annual grasses in maize? SureStart® (Reg. No. L10385) herbicide can be applied from pre-plant through early post-emergence, providing growers with the flexibility to overcome unexpected delays at[...]

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A vision of a pristine indigenous landscape

by Tisha Steyn Juanita Wilmans is a woman with a mission. She cannot walk past a weed without removing it. A thoroughly cleared plot of aliens in Wilderness Heights. Trevor Dearlove, who found the Wilderness National Park during the early 80s, says invasive alien plants, black wattle[...]

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Plant for success with: Advanta Seeds International’s superior genetics

Advanta Seeds International is a plant genetics company with a global presence across Africa, Asia, Australia, South America, North America and Europe. Advanta is a subsidiary of the Indian Multinational Agrochemical gian UPL Limited (5th largest agribusiness company in the world). In Africa, Advanta is present in 30 countries[...]

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