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Crop production guide in Namibia Part 11: Pest management

Avital part of crop production is pest control. However, pesticides should be used responsibly to prevent harming farmers, workers, consumers, and the environment. Guidelines for action Always: Keep pests at a manageable level rather than killing them as well as their natural enemies.By using pesticides in the right way,[...]

How to Take Care of Your Farm: Best Practices and Solutions

By Rocio Espinoza Running a farm takes dedication and skill. Even with agricultural experience, farming can be a challenging pursuit. However, even if you’re new to the occupation, you can develop the expertise you need to manage a farm successfully. From planting and harvesting crops to caring for livestock and outbuildings,[...]

AgriFocus: We supply everything the farmer needs

AgriFocus Zambia offers a wide variety of chemical and biological integrated pest management (IPM) products for farmers. They serve both smallholders and large-scale farmers, and focus on long term relationships with their customers. All their suppliers are carefully selected for their good reputation, and they promote safety and environmental[...]

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