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The final area planted and crop production figures of winter cereals for the 2023 production season

At a meeting held on 9 May 2024, the Crop Estimates Liaison Committee (CELC) oversaw the process for the finalisation of the crop production figures of commercial wheat, barley, canola and oats for 2023. The estimated total production figures as released by the national Crop Estimates Committee (CEC) were[...]

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Crop production guide Namibia part 13: Pest and weed control application techniques

The methods used to apply plant pro­tection chemicals are referred to as application techniques. There are many factors that contribute to good plant protection, including the substance it­self and the time of its application. The instructions for mixing and applying a product can be found on the label of[...]

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Crop production guide in Namibia Part 11: Pest management

Avital part of crop production is pest control. However, pesticides should be used responsibly to prevent harming farmers, workers, consumers, and the environment. Guidelines for action Always: Keep pests at a manageable level rather than killing them as well as their natural enemies.By using pesticides in the right way,[...]

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