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Ensuring food security in South Africa through enhanced cybersecurity for farmers

Technology has improved productivity, efficiency, and communication in every industry across the globe, and agriculture is no exception. Once considered a traditionally low-tech industry, the increased use of email, online monitoring tools, remote controls, and payment systems – together with automated smart farming equipment such as internet-connected tractors –[...]

Minister Cele needs to act to ensure rural safety and South Africa’s food security

As Minister Bheki Cele delivers his budget vote on policing today, it is imperative that the Department of Police’s budget includes meaningful resource allocation towards the implementation of the Rural Safety Strategy. “We are of the view that the strategy is an appropriate vehicle to deal with the crime[...]

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Minimum wage increase a threat to food security

Agri SA is alarmed by the announcement of a 9,6% increase in the national minimum wage.  Any increase in costs will further strain already hard-pressed farmers. As the sector battles to contain the costs associated with loadshedding, crumbling infrastructure and high input costs, this increase will further undermine food[...]

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Budget Speech 2023: Decisive interventions needed to protect food security

As South Africa awaits the 2023 Budget Speech to be delivered by Minister Enoch Godongwana on 22 February, it is crucial that the Minister announces measures to protect the country’s food security. With loadshedding as the most urgent threat to the nation’s farmers, government must be resolute in allocating[...]

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Syngenta at your service: Ensure seed and food security with productive technologies

by Felix Tembo The world is undergoing great shocks due to climate change. Every drop of water is more important than ever before. Agriculture has become more scientific, and farmers that depend on rainfall to water their crops need to ensure that every drop is utilised to the maximum.[...]

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