Reimagining seed potato farming with a crane-friendly trial at Ivanhoe Farm

Potatoes are traditionally one of the most intensive crops to grow on a commercial scale in terms of soil disturbance and chemical input usage. Is there potential for the economically viable production of high-quality seed potato crops using regenerative agriculture practices and minimal to zero synthetic fertilisers and chemical[...]

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K2 Seed launches game changer cultivars

"K2 Seed is renowned for the wide range of seed we have to offer. Recently we added even more seed to our portfolio.” These are the words of JB du Plooy, Marketing and Sales Development Manager of K2 Seed Zambia. They recently acquired a Dutch pasture seed company, DLF,[...]

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As a research and development company involved in seed production, processing, distribution and marketing, Seed Co Zambia is a major role player in the Zambian agricultural sector. Seed Co’s products include certified maize, hybrid and other seeds such as wheat, soya beans, sorghum, sugar beans, groundnuts and vegetable seeds.[...]

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