Agri Trends: Vegetable market report – Global onion shortages to influence local market prices

Average monthly prices for onion portrayed increases, off the back of a decrease in volumes supplied. Cabbage market trends Average cabbage prices followed increasing price trends by 8,2% week-on-week and 29,2% month-on-month. Monthly averages increased from R2 476 per ton to R3 200 for the week ending on March[...]

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Greenhouses part 4: Choose your plants

by Tapuwa Mashangwa Greenhouses make optimum agri-production possible. However, this achievement is only possible if they are used properly, ensuring that the right plants are grown and conditions are set within the corresponding parameters. Plant selection is the first and most important aspect to ensure success of the project.[...]

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Bayer shapes the future of agriculture through innovative products

by Jaco Cilliers Improving production and profits while minimising expense and effort is every farmer’s goal. Bayer understands this and continuously develop products that will enable a farmer to achieve these goals. That is why Bayer introduced new crop protection products to the agricultural market. These products are specifically[...]

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Crop production guide Namibia Part 9: Shading and harvesting of fruits and vegetables

(Image source: by Skylar Zilka) Shading vegetables Because Namibia's climate is often warm, shade netting helps most vegetables grow. Shade netting throughout the garden is expensive, so only use it where needed. Most seedlings and some crops, like green peppers and Swiss chard, benefit greatly from shade. Other[...]

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