Knittex cares for the planet and so can you

Across the globe, there is a shift towards becoming more sustainable. Companies are finding ways to meet these criteria and help customers do the same. Knittex also believes in caring for the planet and trust their customers value this too. Manufacturing synthetic fabric for agricultural use, Knittex uses HDPE[...]

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Celebrating sixty! Multiknit keeps aiming for the sky!

In 2024, Multiknit will celebrate their 60th birthday. To build up to this special occasion, it is worth looking back at the starting point for this brand, considering its remarkable achievements and how it grew into what it is today. Originally based in KwaZulu Natal, Multiknit commenced trading in[...]

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The world of Knittex shade net: Meet the winning product range

Knittex is a leading manufacturer and distributor of quality shade net, based in South Africa. Although locally made, their wide range of shade fabric is available worldwide through their parent company, Multiknit. These products can be used across industries and have multiple uses, making them invaluable to their users.[...]

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Knittex quality means testing the limits to ensure reliability

Knittex is known for its high-quality range of shade netting across industries. To keep their name synonymous with quality, they have a list of stringent tests that every net must pass according to predetermined standards. The rigorous testing is conducted throughout the manufacturing process. If you are curious to[...]

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Knittex handhaaf deurlopende kwaliteit met die smeltvloei-toets

Knittex verseker kwaliteit in hulle produkte deur te verseker die regte kwaliteit plastiek toe te pas. Die smeltvloeitoets se doel is om te bepaal dat die gehalte van die HDPE wa tin die vervaardiging van skadunette gebruik word presies is. Omdat hierdie roumateriaal bydra tot die sterkte en bestandheid[...]

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