Doing better – re-defining success in agriculture: Empowering farmers, nurturing the environment

In a world increasingly plagued by pressing societal issues and environmental concerns, conscious individuals and companies are re-evaluating our roles and responsibilities, seeking ways to positively impact a better future. Post-COVID, this sentiment has only grown stronger, with a heightened awareness of the need to address sustainability, social well-being,[...]

Woodlands Dairy commits to renewable energy sources

One of the largest dairy manufacturers in South Africa and industry leader in sustainability, Woodlands Dairy, is committed to minimising fossil fuel energy sources with renewable energy sources. Says André Adendorff, Sustainability Manager at Woodlands Dairy: “Woodlands Dairy started its sustainability journey in 2012 and has aligned its sustainability[...]

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South African businesses can leverage the growing gig economy for sustainability

By Jeandie Leone, Commercial Executive at Workforce Staffing Solutions The world is constantly changing, and business models need to adapt to these shifts. As we move further into the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), the old ways of working are becoming increasingly obsolete. The traditional concept of an eight-hour job[...]

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