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B & V Shade Netting: We’ve got you covered!

When you invest in B & V Shade Netting and Awnings, you are investing in more than twenty years of experience in the shade netting industry. This company’s products have a diverse range of applications, including the use of shade netting from awnings to sandpits, residential to commercial. Whatever[...]

By Ashleigh Schubert|15th March 2024|Categories: Articles, Resource management|Tags: , , , |

Knittex cares for the planet and so can you

Across the globe, there is a shift towards becoming more sustainable. Companies are finding ways to meet these criteria and help customers do the same. Knittex also believes in caring for the planet and trust their customers value this too. Manufacturing synthetic fabric for agricultural use, Knittex uses HDPE[...]

By Maryna Steyn|21st February 2024|Categories: Articles, Resource management|Tags: , , |

Knittex manufactures nets sustainably: reduce, reuse and recycle

Knittex products are made from high-density polyethylene. This is a specialised type of plastic used to produce a variety of products, including agricultural netting, making it more durable and long-lasting. But it is still plastic, and is that not bad for the environment? Well, that is a simple question[...]

By Maryna Steyn|17th July 2023|Categories: Farm smart!|Tags: , , , |
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