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B & V Shade Netting: We’ve got you covered!

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When you invest in B & V Shade Netting and Awnings, you are investing in more than twenty years of experience in the shade netting industry.

This company’s products have a diverse range of applications, including the use of shade netting from awnings to sandpits, residential to commercial. Whatever the need of the client, they will be sure to meet it.

Not only do they supply the netting, but they are also experts in the design, manufacture, and installation of it. The high-quality and durable shade nets can be used for protecting vehicles from natural elements, like sun, hail, frost, and dew. The shade it offers is useful for schools and homes as well, for pool covers, to provide shade at pavilions, or as patio covers at offices and homes.

The definition of durable

So, what makes their netting structures the definition of durable? B & V Shade Netting and Awnings constructs their netting solutions by using a tubular mild steel framework. This framework is coated with a primer and finished off with two coats of QD enamel. The construction is completed with the polyethylene net, which is sown in such a way to provide the perfect blend of strength and stretch. The net is fastened to the frame with galvanised steel cables. This ensures that the entire structure is stable.

In the off chance that your shade netting needs some tender love and care, B & V Shade Netting and Awnings is there. Maintenance is a piece of cake for them, as they provide you with services including restitching, retensioning, derusting, and repainting. Furthermore, you can pass on the responsibility of layout adjustments, rearrangement of paving or walling over to them. With B & V also organising the design of entertainment areas, lapas or any other customised request, this is surely your one-stop shop.

Talk about durable! This shade netting can withstand everything from sun to hail.

Now that’s what I call service!

B & V is not a company that produces shade netting, they are a company who is completing changing the shade netting game. They bring to the table more efficient work methods and groundbreaking engineering ideas and designs. Not only are they pioneering new ideas, but they are also influencing other companies to adopt many of these innovations.

Employees of this company are highly skilled and well trained. The teams are equipped to deal with the increasing demand in the market, both in the field and in production.

If after all of this you are still not convinced, just remember that over 80% of B & V Shade Netting and Awnings competitors have ceased trading since they have entered the market. If the competitors are quaking in their boots from fear of competition, you should be shivering in anticipation of what this company has to offer.

More than just a company

B & V Shade Netting and Awnings strongly believes in the value of a community. Building on this, they are actively involved in local charities and international aid organisations. In this, they have collaborated with architects and engineers to design applications and diverse projects.

Shade netting is the perfect solution to provide shade in sunny places.

For more information, contact them at (+27)11-316-8014 or send an e-mail to

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