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K2 Seed launches game changer cultivars

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The helpful K2 Seed Zambia team at Agritech consisted of Godfrey Chungu, Team Leader Northern Region; Mushimba Muyunda, General Worker; Hazel Cheemdo, General Worker; Jonathang Ngala, General Worker; Jack K Naulou, Sales Leader Central Region; Ben Kanga, Team Leader Eastern Region and Maxwell Perkins Nkole, Team Leader Eastern Region.

“K2 Seed is renowned for the wide range of seed we have to offer. Recently we added even more seed to our portfolio.” These are the words of JB du Plooy, Marketing and Sales Development Manager of K2 Seed Zambia. They recently acquired a Dutch pasture seed company, DLF, through their sister company, Zaad. This acquisition will complete their winter pasture range. Now they can be regarded as the one-stop shop for row crop, vegetable and pasture seed.

At the recent Agritech Show, K2 Seed came up with exciting news and new products. They sold more seed than during the past three years. The launch of new seed varieties always draws lots of interest from bona fide farmers, and many farmers gathered in the K2 Seed stand to look at and feel the new Mwenezi and Lundi soy bean cultivars.

Alfred Nosenga, a research facilitator from K2 Seed, says: “The good part of the Mwenezi is that it is a determinate variety. It grows to a certain stage before the growth in the main stem and the photosynthesis process, basically the manufacturing factory, closes down. The only growth then goes to the filling of the pods. This is the main characteristic of the cultivar. It is also tolerant to many diseases. With Mwenezi you can pass the 350 000 plants per hectare mark. A farmer can push it up to 400 000, while looking at a yield of four to five tonnes per hectare. It does 12 to 15% better than any other cultivar. At K2 Seed, a cultivar has to do 12% better than other varieties on the market before we release it.”

Ben Kanga, Team Leader for the Eastern Region, shows the two experimental yellow maize cultivars to farmers. They will be launched next year.

K2 Seed is committed to release a new soy bean variety every two years. They will withdraw an old one and present a brand new one with new and exciting traits. This will prevent the practise of brownbagging, which is very harmful to sustainable seed development.

On the maize side, K2 Seed is currently experimenting with two yellow maize varieties which promise to equip farmers even better for food production challenges.

K2 Seed’s vegetable seed is also very popular and they will soon launch an old tomato variety with new technology. “The Tengeru is an open pollinated variety and we cleaned it up, polished it and added some disease resistance to its genes. This will also be available later this year,” JB says.

On the seed preparation side, K2 Seed is also bustling. “We are going to open another cleaning line with gravity tables. We found a coffee project which closed down, and we realised that the equipment they used is the same as ours. We are also in the process of acquiring a grading/sorting packing machine which will be up and running next year,” JB says.

If you wish to grow, do it with the help of K2 Seed Zambia. Contact Kevin Kleemann Wright at +26 (0)97-776-2111 or +26 (0)21-184-0965 or e-mail

Alfred Nosenga, Research Facilitator at K2 Seed, explains the technology of the new Mwenezi soy bean cultivar to the farmers.

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