The Evolution and Vitality of South Africa’s Fresh Produce Markets

South African fresh produce markets (FPMs) have long been the bedrock of agricultural trade, fostering connections between producers and consumers while bolstering economic vitality. Beginning as centralized hubs under governmental oversight, these markets have evolved into essential public infrastructure crucial for food security and local economic development (LED). Despite[...]

By Khodani Madula|29th April 2024|Categories: Articles, Crop production|Tags: , , |

Potatoes SA leads Roundtable discussion on urgent state of SA’s fresh produce markets

Given the importance of fresh produce markets to food supply chains and the economy, markets should be recognised as national key points, and given urgent prioritisation to address poor maintenance and security before these sites deteriorate ‘past the point of no return’. These were some of the outcomes of[...]

APAC bio-security protocol by auctioneers

All livestock agents need to take note that it is compulsory to register with APAC, a self-sustaining regulatory body. With the recent scare of the food-and-mouth disease outbreak, it became clear that better self-regulation of the industry is required. Background of foot and mouth disease FMD is a highly[...]

By Specialist Writer|25th February 2020|Categories: News, Stock and game farming|Tags: , , , , |
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