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Algar Animal Handling Equipment

Algar Animal Handling Equipment pride themselves on delivering high-quality products that make your work more efficient and profitable. Their wide range of products for livestock farmers makes cattle and small stock care a breeze. Productivity is the name of the game for Algar Animal Handling Equipment. Every product is[...]

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Successful rabbit farming with Tiger Animal Feeds – Part 1: What a farmer needs to know about rabbits

Rabbits are commonly raised around the world to sell their meat and for gathering fur. Their meat is very tasty. Rabbit fur is of high quality, having extensive application in the textile industry in developed countries. Since rabbits are small animals, not too much space is required to set[...]

Connect the integrated EID reader to a TW weigh scale

The TW-series touch screen weigh scale combines two pieces of hardware into one. Connecting the internal EID reader onto the weigh scale is as easy as one two, three! Read the how-to guides below and follow the simple instructions. How-to guides: How-to-change-retag-and-operate-EID.pdfDownload How-to-conduct-a-factory-reset-on-HRx-EID-Readers.pdfDownload Watch this video to see how[...]

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The use of helicopters in the agricultural industry Part 1: Helicopters to the rescue!

New heights of efficiency can be reached in the agricultural industry with the employment of helicopters. The use of helicopters in agriculture is nothing new, but the array of uses may be a bit of a surprise to some people. Helicopters are widely used in the game industry. “Game[...]

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