Senter360: The irrigation answer for Botswana’s farmers

One of the most important investments a farmer will ever make is a centre pivot irrigation system. Despite the initial outlay, the cost-benefit ratio is extremely favourable in the long term, particularly in areas like Botswana where natural precipitation can be irregular or scarce. The truth of this statement[...]

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Transformeer jou velde met Senter360

Frederick van der Merwe boer in Botswana by Request Tuli Fresh. Hy gebruik al vir jare Senter360 spilpunte. Hulle fokus op aartappels en het hul plaas basies uit niks uit begin. Tans is hulle op amper 200 hektaar onder besproeiing, waarvan 174 hektaar onder spilpunt is - Senter360 spilpunte.[...]

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Senter360 has the perfect pivot propulsion for you: Electric, solar, petrol, water driven units

Senter360 pivots are well known for their strong structure and durability due to of their construction of high-quality steel pipes. The pipe structure is lighter and more wind resistant than angle iron. Senter360 offers farmers across Africa centre pivots that can perform and last in the tough African conditions.[...]

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Choose SENTER360 for local quality

At SENTER360 we are proud to not only supply products, but build long-term relations with our clients by delivering a package of high-quality products and excellent service. The SENTER360 centre pivot, manufactured since 1994, is known for its excellent quality and strength above industry standards. We have been part[...]

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