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Senter360 has the perfect pivot propulsion for you: Electric, solar, petrol, water driven units

Senter360 pivots are well known for their strong structure and durability due to of their construction of high-quality steel pipes. The pipe structure is lighter and more wind resistant than angle iron. Senter360 offers farmers across Africa centre pivots that can perform and last in the tough African conditions.[...]

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Pineapples live the sweet life with Agrico irrigation project in Eswatini

Situated near the town of Siphofaneni in Eswatini, the rich soil of Norsa farm provides the perfect growing spot for pineapple. But with uneven terrain and a significant height difference between the water source and crops, designing an efficient irrigation system is not a straightforward task. Back in 2016,[...]

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Reinke Irrigation: Use less water and increase your yields

Efficient water use is very important everywhere in Africa because water is scarce and every drop counts. That is why wise farmers benefit from Reinke’s irrigation systems. The most popular irrigation products of Reinke in Africa are their centre pivots. “Reinke use high-quality steel and V-ring seals that increase[...]

By Benine Ackermann|26th January 2022|Categories: Articles, Irrigation, Zambia|Tags: , , , |
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