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Watch out, here it comes! Reinke introduces airless tyres for irrigation systems

When thinking about irrigation systems, tires might not be the first thing you think about, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t important. In fact, tyres are a vital part of a well-functioning pivot. This is because it needs to assist the structure in gracefully moving across the track[...]

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Mechanisation considerations for drip irrigation systems

Climate change is leading to increasing water scarcity. Agriculture is one of the biggest users of water worldwide. Appropriate methods and systems of irrigation are, therefore, critical to the objectives of achieving higher irrigation efficiency to achieve the much-needed savings in water usage. To achieve water savings and remain[...]

Pineapples live the sweet life with Agrico irrigation project in Eswatini

Situated near the town of Siphofaneni in Eswatini, the rich soil of Norsa farm provides the perfect growing spot for pineapple. But with uneven terrain and a significant height difference between the water source and crops, designing an efficient irrigation system is not a straightforward task. Back in 2016,[...]

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Rotrix Africa’s traveling irrigators irrigates hassle-free

“Technology is wonderful, but it’s also attractive to thieves,” says Andries Bothma, Production and Sales Manager and Regional Officer from Rotrix Africa. He told NAMPO-visitors about the reliable solution for irrigating small fields, pastures, and vegetable fields. The travelling irrigators only need a water supply and no electricity. The[...]

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