Cultivating success: Three decades of agricultural innovation with the ARC

In commemoration of 30 years of democracy, the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) proudly reflects on its profound impact on agricultural development in South Africa. Established in 1992, the ARC has been a cornerstone of innovation, resilience, and progress in the agricultural sector, embodying a commitment to excellence that echoes[...]

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Mechanisation considerations for drip irrigation systems

Climate change is leading to increasing water scarcity. Agriculture is one of the biggest users of water worldwide. Appropriate methods and systems of irrigation are, therefore, critical to the objectives of achieving higher irrigation efficiency to achieve the much-needed savings in water usage. To achieve water savings and remain[...]

Culdevco’s licenced ARC-bred plum cultivars grow to 50% of exported carton figures as 2022/2023 season exceeds expectations

A recent plum cultivar information day at Culdevco’s head office in Stellenbosch was well attended by growers, exporters and nurseries. The Agricultural Research Council (ARC) bred varieties such as Ruby Sun, African Delight®, Ruby Star, African Rose® and Flavour Star are currently South Africa’s top cultivars and they have[...]

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Zambia: when crop dreams are crushed

The first quarter of 2022 has been marked by drought conditions in the southern parts of Africa, particularly Zambia. Here’s a look at the causes, pertinent issues and those working on relief measures. According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), small-scale farmers are the[...]

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Protect your crops against cool weather vegetable pests this winter

By Diedrich Visser, ARC Vegetable and Ornamental Plants, Pretoria Most vegetable pests prefer warm, dry conditions to thrive. The optimum temperatures under which the important pests inflict the most damage usually range from 23 to 33°C. There are, however, a few pests that are adapted to develop below these[...]

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