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Reinke Irrigation: Use less water and increase your yields

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Efficient water use is very important everywhere in Africa because water is scarce and every drop counts. That is why wise farmers benefit from Reinke’s irrigation systems. The most popular irrigation products of Reinke in Africa are their centre pivots.

“Reinke use high-quality steel and V-ring seals that increase the life expectancy of a pivot,” says Paul van den Berg, Technical Service Engineer of Reinke South Africa.

He was one of the speakers at the Specialist Irrigation Day for farmers in Namibia that was held in November last year. Eight irrigation companies were represented to share their knowledge about irrigation and water sources with farmers. Read more about the irrigation day at:


“The Specialist Irrigation Day was a great experience and had a great outcome,” he says. “The focus of the day was a dealer and supplier relationship and how that helps the farmer in the field.”

Paul explains how Reinke ensures sustainability and customer service in Africa.

“After-sales service is very important for us. We directly visit clients in Africa to help install the irrigation systems, but mostly we work through our dealers, so it is important for us to get our dealers trained and to convey as much knowledge as possible to them about the latest irrigation designs. They must use that knowledge to service the client from anywhere and at any perspective. We want to offer the best solution for every client’s needs,” says Paul.

Reinke also remains up do date with the changes in technology.

“Reinke has a specific engineering department working on improvement and keeping up to date with the latest technology,”

he added.

Features of Reinke in Africa:

  • Reinke pride themselves in supplying a top-quality product. Paul says:
    “We don’t cut back on cost just to get a deal.”
  • A happy client brings them more sales. “We strive towards giving the client the most options and the best solution for each problem,” Paul says.
  • They consider all the options available for the farmer, such as solar systems where there is no electricity on the farm.
  • They use only the best technology.

Reinke has great partnerships with other leading companies:

“We partner with Garmin for our GPS guidance systems, and also with CropX, which helps us with soil moisture measuring and monitoring, especially for areas like Namibia where we can ensure that we apply the precise quantity of water for the crops to ensure maximum yields. CropX also works with NASA for satellite imaging, which gives us an advantage for irrigation,”

he says.

Reinke also looks at LEPA (Low Energy Precise Application) systems to place water close to the ground. “Because you apply water close to the ground, losses due to evaporation and wind drifting are minimised.”

Contact Patrick Ellis at +27(0)31-350-4525, or e-mail, or visit their website at for more information on how you can use less water and attain higher yields.

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