Reinke Irrigation

Reinke Irrigation: Use less water and increase your yields

Efficient water use is very important everywhere in Africa because water is scarce and every drop counts. That is why wise farmers benefit from Reinke’s irrigation systems. The most popular irrigation products of Reinke in Africa are their centre pivots. “Reinke use high-quality steel and V-ring seals that increase[...]

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Reinke Irrigation: The pivot that makes crops and farmers grow

When choosing an irrigation system for his farm, the farmer should consider: • The most efficient, cost-effective design, • The quality of the components such as pumps and gearboxes • The overall cost per hectare • The availability and quality of after sales service This is according to Graeme[...]

By Specialist Writer|23rd December 2020|Categories: Articles, Irrigation, Zambia|Tags: , , |
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