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Reinke Potchefstroom warehouse warming – a great success

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The old saying the grass is not greener on the other side; the grass is green where you water it, is very true for Reinke irrigation, because no matter where Reinke find themselves, the grass is always green wherever they are.

Reinke recently hosted the grand opening of their new warehouse, located in Poortman Street, Potchefstroom. The rainy conditions on the day did not prevent locals, farmers and loyal Reinke clients from attending the event … and ProAgri was also represented to share in the celebrations.

Chris Roth, President of Reinke Manufacturing, also attended the event.

He said: “We are very happy to be here in South Africa. Our first expansion started in 2016 down in Durban, which was a great start for us. Since then, we have moved several machines across South Africa and the neighbouring countries, expanding our footprint. As we expanded, we also made the decision to start manufacturing machines here, since the need for pivots grew very quickly.

“We decided to move to Potchefstroom and found this beautiful facility here. We are very excited about our new warehouse location,” Chris added.

“Reinke South Africa is currently the importer of Reinke pivots, distributing it into Africa. What we’ve got is the biggest privately owned centre pivot manufacturer in the world for Reinke South Africa, and it is an absolute honour to be part of that family,” Patrick Ellis, Managing Director of Reinke South Africa, added.

“It is a privilege for us to supply Reinke pivots to farmers in Africa. Our more centrally situated new facility enables us to support our farmers with even better back-up services and spare parts,” Patrick declared.

Reinke’s new warehouse in Potchefstroom stocks enough parts for Africa!

Reinke supports the farmer from beginning to end

Patrick elaborates: “We support farmers throughout the whole process, from the planning and sale to the installation and after-sale service. We import Reinke’s products from America, whereafter we distribute them to our farmers and clients in South Africa as well as Africa. Reinke has a significant footprint in Africa, which includes distribution channels to Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and even Mauritius.

“In South Africa, we currently have machines running in KwaZulu Natal, Freestate, Eastern Cape, Western Cape and Northwest and hopefully in the Northern Cape soon. At this moment our focus is on spare parts. We have more than enough spare parts to supply farmers for their needs,” he says.

Why Potchefstroom?

“The relocation was ultimately a business decision. Potchefstroom and the surrounding farming area has expanded so much over the years, and are still expanding. Potchefstroom is more central for us, making our distribution to our neighbouring countries, as well as for our farmers in South Africa, much easier,” Patrick explains.

Chris Roth, President of Reinke Manufacturing, and Patrick Ellis, Managing Director of Reinke South Africa, at the opening function of the new Potchefstroom warehouse.

A few words from Reinke’s President

“It is a big honour for me to be here for the grand opening of Reinke’s new Potchefstroom warehouse. Our focus is on expanding our services and capabilities – that is why we decided to start a manufacturing facility for centre pivot irrigation systems here as well,” Chris states.

“From a technology point of view, we try not to give too much attention to what our competitors are doing. For us it is important to know and understand what our farmers need from a technological perspective. It is of utmost importance for us at Reinke to understand the needs of our farmers, and moving closer to them – ensuring that we tailor our technology to what our farmers need.

Chris Roth, President of Reinke Manufacturing, sharing a few words at the warehouse opening ceremony.

“Our goals about we are excited are that we would like to supply more products into the industry and to our farmers. Our goals and expectations with our manufacturing line here, are to continue to grow not only in South Africa, but in Africa as well. We have been in South Africa since the 1980’s, and since then we have been growing, especially during the last five years.

“Reinke can supply and react quickly to whatever the needs of our customers and farmers are, and that is who we want to be known for – being responsive, and supporting our farmers promptly and efficiently.

“I was born and raised on a farm myself, and I know how crucial it is to get back and going after a breakdown. With that in mind, we want to get farmers going, and get them back on track as quickly as possible.

“I am really excited about what the future holds for Reinke in South Africa. Being well positioned in Potchefstroom, we want to continue to grow and support our farmers wherever we can,” Chris concludes.

A guided tour showed farmers what is going on behind the scenes in Reinke’s warehouse.

Make sure you visit Reinke’s new warehouse for all your irrigation needs!

37 Poortman Street, Potchindustria, Potchefstroom.

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