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Reinke Irrigation: The pivot that makes crops and farmers grow

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Due to the clever design of a Reinke pivot, most of the stress that is usually carried by the pipes is now transferred to the towers. This ensures less maintenance and a longer lasting irrigation system. (Photo credit: Gary Parham).

When choosing an irrigation system for his farm, the farmer should consider:

• The most efficient, cost-effective design,

• The quality of the components such as pumps and gearboxes

• The overall cost per hectare

• The availability and quality of after sales service

This is according to Graeme Flower, Managing Director of Lomag Agri in Zimbabwe. It is for these reasons that more and more farmers all over Zimbabwe choose Reinke centre pivots for their farms. One such a farmer is Gary Parham who is in charge of crop production at Inamo Agri farms near Harare. The Reinke pivots are used to irrigate wheat, soya beans, maize, peas, potatoes, and tobacco. Inamo Agri is the proud owner of 27 Reinke pivots ranging from 10 to 35 hectares in size.

“Reinke pivots provide excellent value for money,” says Gary. “The systems pay for themselves by increasing the turnover of your farm. Depending on type of crops you plant and commodity prices, the pivot can pay for itself within two harvests.”

Gary opted for the simplest management system on all his Reinke pivots for two reasons. Firstly, it lowers the cost of the pivot. Secondly, it suits his conditions better. “There is nothing fancy that can be broken, stolen, or programmed wrong. There is a simple on/off switch as well as settings for the speed and quantity of water that needs to be given.”

In a highly competitive market, any irrigation system will have to be worth its weight in gold. According to Gary, the service provided to the client makes the biggest difference. “Reinke is involved in the entire process, from designing the best system to suit your needs, to the installation and after sales service.” Gary also says that he does not need to worry about the maintenance of his pivots, as it is all done very professionally by Lomag Irrigation, the Reinke agent in Zimbabwe.

Gary Parham from Inamo Agri farms near Harare installed his first Reinke pivot in 2013 and has never looked back. Now, his 27 Reinke pivots keep the crops and the profits growing year after year.

Although the company was established in 2009, their relationship with Reinke started in 1995. “Working with a family-owned business allows for excellent service. If I need something, I can contact the Reinke president directly in the USA,” says Graeme.

Delivery time from the Reinke warehouse in Durban to Harare takes about a week. Lomag Irrigation keeps enough stock in Zimbabwe to erect six pivots. “We have enough stock to assist any farmer, and ordering from Reinke’s warehouse in Durban is not a problem,” says Graeme.

There has been a rapid growth in the demand for centre pivots in Zimbabwe. This is a good indicator that agriculture in Zimbabwe is growing. “Our bestselling product is the 2065 model, and this year we introduced the 2045 which is more cost effective on 25 hectares and smaller areas. We have also recently received stock on the engine powered mini pivots from Reinke. The most popular sizes are between 20 and 30 hectare pivots,” says Graeme.

Investing in an irrigation system is the best way to ensure that your farm will develop and avoid the risk of crop failure due to drought, or unreliable water supply. It enables the farmer to be in control of the growth of his crops. A Reinke pivot will last for decades after it has paid for itself, improving your harvest, and profit, year after year.

For more information about the high-quality irrigation systems that Reinke has to offer, contact Patrick Ellis in South Africa on +27(0)31-350-4525 or or Graeme Flower in Zimbabwe on +26(0)37-7223-5503 or


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