African agribusiness Part 4: companies can still grow

by Tapuwa Mashangwa They say that money makes the world go round, a statement which also holds true for agriculture. Every step in production requires some form of monetary use, thus agribusinesses are influenced by a myriad of economic factors that either spur or limit growth. Agribusinesses participating in[...]

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Agriculture can provide the growth needed in Africa

Africa has an increased population density, especially in rural areas, placing more pressure on land availability, agricultural systems, and food security. (Source: Pexels) Africa's current population of approximately 1,39 billion people is expected to double by the year 2050 to about 2,5 billion. This highlights the need for growth[...]

By Natasha Pansegrouw|18th January 2022|Categories: Articles, Crop production, Farm smart!|Tags: , , |

High alert warning to all farmers: Plant pests may explode in the growth season

An unprecedented outbreak of African bollworm in canola and wheat in the Western Cape triggered fears that plant pests may explode in the forthcoming growth season. Reports of very large numbers of moths trapped in pheromone traps in other parts of South Africa indicate a very challenging season ahead[...]

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