African agribusiness companies can still grow Part 5: How to establish an agribusiness

by Tapuwa Mashangwa Agriculturally Africa still has much potential for growth. A vast amount of land is still underutilised. Its use depends on the climate, the nature of the soil, land topography, availability of capital, availability of farm inputs, an agile labour force, availability and demand of market, and[...]

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African agribusiness Part 4: companies can still grow

by Tapuwa Mashangwa They say that money makes the world go round, a statement which also holds true for agriculture. Every step in production requires some form of monetary use, thus agribusinesses are influenced by a myriad of economic factors that either spur or limit growth. Agribusinesses participating in[...]

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African agribusiness companies can still grow – Part 3

BY TAPUWA MASHANGWA Factors affecting agribusinesses cannot be looked at from one perspective, especially for Africa. Each Sub-Saharan region is facing unique challenges in its environmental, socio-political, and economic systems. Once these challenges are met head-on with sustainable and maintainable solutions, only then can the growth of agribusinesses be[...]

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