Hydroponic Farming: Pioneering Agriculture in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)

For millennia, the process of farming has remained unchanged, making it seem utterly absurd to envision cultivating organic plants without the use of soil. However, Zandile Kumalo is among the many farmers who have embraced the possibility of soil-less farming. As the CEO and Co-founder of the first Smart[...]

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Greenhouse Tunnels at Affordable Prices from Kalliergo

At Kalliergo, we believe in bringing all our clients durable and functional tunnels that also look good. Our tunnels are cost-effective structures that you can add to your garden or farm. Traditional Greenhouses are spaced in 3 m segments, but we wanted to build a stronger product that minimises[...]

Protect your crop with nets but keep nature a partner

Nobody doubts the fact that orchards, vineyards and vegetable lands perform better when covered with netting that those that are left uncovered and are open to the ravage of the scorching sun, raging wind and devastating hailstorms. Bees can continue unhindered with the pollination of crops but birds are[...]

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Die winsgewendheid van ‘n akwaponiese stelsel

Is ‘n akwaponikastelsel ‘n ekonomies winsgewende, uitvoerbare en lewensvatbare opsie vir ‘n bykomende bedryfstak in my boerdery?Die winsgewendheid en uitvoerbaarheid van ‘n beoogde projek is nienoodwendig dieselfde nie: Die ekonomiese winsgewendheidsontleding dui aan of die beoogde belegging gemiddeld oor die langtermyn winsgewend gaan wees of nie. Daarteenoor dui finansiële uitvoerbaarheidsontledings daarop of die kontantvloei voldoende sal wees omkontantbestedings, sowel[...]

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