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ProAgri Africa/Zambia 100

Celebrating ProAgri Zambia’s 100th edition! Dear Readers, It is with great joy and pride that we celebrate the 100th edition of our ProAgri Zambia/Africa magazine. This milestone marks a journey filled with inspiration, innovation, and the unwavering commitment to delivering quality content to our esteemed readership. As I reflect[...]

By Bianca Henning|14th May 2024|Categories: Magazine, Magazine (Zambia)|Tags: , |

ProAgri Africa/Zambia 99

Enhancing climate reliant crops: How Africa adapts We recently had the honour of visiting a few farmers and attending the annual AgriTech Expo in the northern region of Zambia. As we delved into the heart of Africa's agricultural landscape, we uncovered stories of resilience, innovation, and growth that inspire[...]

By Bianca Henning|24th April 2024|Categories: Magazine, Magazine (Zambia), Tydskrif (Zambië)|Tags: , |

ProAgri Zambia 97

This year surely kicked off on a high note. We started off this year hitting the ground running. How has this year begin for you? 2023 came with its sets of challenges for all of us, but it still ended beautifully. I have this feeling that 2024 will be[...]

By Bianca Henning|19th February 2024|Categories: Magazine, Magazine (Zambia)|Tags: |
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