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2024: A new year brings new hope

I grew up on a farm, so I know each new year always brings hopeful optimism for those in agriculture. The year 2023 was a dynamic one, to say the least. Undoubtedly, we will be entering 2024 with a lot of issues creating uncertainty which will require the undivided attention of the whole of organised agriculture. It remains the duty and privilege of everybody involved in the agricultural industry to promote the positive characteristics of the sector.

As we step into the promising fields of 2024, our agricultural community continues to sow the seeds of innovation, resilience, and sustainable practices. While temperatures are sweltering and rain in many parts remain absent, we would like to encourage our farmers
to keep their chins up despite battling against the harsh forces of nature. For several African countries, 2024 is an important year with elections looming, and politicians promising good changes. According to the African Development Bank Group, a slight uptick in growth for Zambia in real GDP per capita is projected, from 1,2% in 2023 to 1,4% in 2024.

The government’s vision to position agriculture as a key sector in Zambia could have significant implications for food security and export revenue. In an era of increasing climatic uncertainties, the government aims to enhance resilience and secure markets for agricultural products. As we approach the new year, my advice to everyone this upcoming year is: Focus on what you can control. Take a chance and grab the challenges that comes your way with both hands. Do not wait until you are ready, you may never be. Just go for it. And if it does not work out immediately, that is okay. Most successful people say they learned the most from their failures. We are all learning as we go, gathering skills and experience along the way.

At ProAgri we look forward to a new year, covering some exciting stories and sharing the latest agricultural news with you. I wish every farmer and organisation in Africa a productive and bountiful year ahead – may you have good yields, stable input prices and ultimately viable prices for produce and livestock.

We hope you enjoy this first edition of ProAgri Zambia for 2024. Keep an eye on our websites and platforms to stay up to date with the latest agricultural news and trends.

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