Hope for the farmer: Msm’s new online trading platform launches February 2024

The South African macadamia industry stands at a crossroads, navigating a transformative journey spurred by the ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent global economic shifts since 2022. Amidst these challenges, our nation's macadamia farmers find themselves at a precarious juncture, grappling with diminished returns, escalating input costs,[...]

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Macadamia oil: From a processing by-product to valuable commodity

A growing appreciation of macadamia oil’s versatility and health and beauty benefits has seen increased demand for this singular oil variety. From the food service, manufacturing and grocery industries to the cosmetics and personal care world, macadamia oil is now a sought-after specialist niche product. Once considered a by-product[...]

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Marquis Macadamias farmers commit to climate and social upliftment

As an industry focused on well-being, macadamia farmers and processors have committed to achieving the ‘better and more sustainable future for all’, as set out by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By focusing on soil health, carbon sequestration and socially uplifting initiatives, the macadamia industry is continuing[...]

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