Feed production and handling

Yara expresses the importance of transition licks

It is a known fact that rainfall and climate have an influence on veld and grass production.   It is therefore important to know that the veld and the nutrients it can provide at a specific time would change. To ensure optimal animal production, lick supplementation must adapt to the[...]

SU researchers explore alternative feed sources for goats and sheep

Written by Jorisna Bonthuys Three researchers focusing on alternative feed sources for goats and lambs received their PhD degrees in animal sciences from Stellenbosch University (SU) in South Africa. They investigated how plant by-products can enhance animal health and growth performance, the health value, and shelf life of[...]

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Biosecurity on your poultry farm: Maintain your broilers in good health

by Barbara Mulonda Simbaya, Tech­nical Advisor, Tiger Animal Feeds Biosecurity is a set of preventative measures designed to reduce the risks of infectious disease transmission to and among livestock. Biosecurity is important because the set of preventive measures put up will reduce the risks of infectious disease transmission and[...]

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SBS® Group ties everything together

SBS® is a leading provider of innovative food, water and energy security solutions. “The SBS® Group consists of three divisions, namely SBS® Tanks, focusing on water storage solutions. SBS Agri, the grain handling and storage company and recently launched SBS® Energy, a solar division,” Gregg McDonagh, Business Developer at[...]

Your animals will thank you: Rumax feed mixers provide top-notch production

Healthy and balanced rations for livestock are key to performance and profit in livestock farming. If outstanding livestock production is your goal, then your animals’ feed needs to be cut and mixed to a uniform size. It doesn’t matter how difficult it may be to cut or mix the[...]

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