Solar solutions

Power your way through any challenge with Xolar Energy

Xolar Energy (Pty) Ltd was established to source and develop renewable energy projects for the residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial solar photovoltaic market. This forms part of Xolar Energy’s strategy to build a one-stop solar preferred renewable energy company. With over 15 years combined experience in the renewable energy[...]

By Specialist Writer|3rd April 2024|Categories: Articles, Resource management|Tags: , , , |

MassElek are masters in solar system installations

Whether it is due to the rising sots of electricity or supply challenges, more and more farmers are identifying the need to rely less on the electricity grid and more on renewable sources of energy. Luckily, farmers can turn to reliable installers such as MassElek to help them with[...]

By Maryna Steyn|5th September 2023|Categories: Articles, Resource management|Tags: , , , |

Asmur Trading offers clients water and solar solutions

Water and electricity are two vital elements humans need. Access to safe drinking water and reliable sustained power to function in this digital age has been difficult to come by for many people. Cholera outbreaks and loadshedding are just some of the challenges that South Africans face. But the[...]

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