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Power your way through any challenge with Xolar Energy

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Xolar Energy (Pty) Ltd was established to source and develop renewable energy projects for the residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial solar photovoltaic market. This forms part of Xolar Energy’s strategy to build a one-stop solar preferred renewable energy company.

With over 15 years combined experience in the renewable energy sector, we took the bold decision to form a renewable energy company based on four pillars: Trust, relationship, integrity and workmanship. These are key elements that we found lacked in the industry.

With the escalating cost of electricity and fuel, renewable energy is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for sustainable farming.

Let us assist you with the right grid-tie, solar and generator integration or off-grid solution to power up your agricultural irrigation systems, workshops, residences and greenhouse tunnels.

The benefits of a solar investment are;

  1. Long term investment – provides returns over decades, enhances farm sustainability and profitability
  2. Cost effective – reduces expenses, mitigates fuel and electricity price fluctuations, enhances financial stability
  3. Sustainable practices – minimises environmental impact, aligns with eco conscious consumer preferences
  4. Energy security – ensures reliable power supply, reduces dependency on grid electricity
  5. A temporary incentive that enhances the current renewable energy tax incentive available in section 12B of the Income Tax Act. The incentive is only available for two years from 1 March 2023 until and including 28 February 2025.

We can also assist you with the NERSA and Eskom applications and advice you on the best option of offset and/or banking to fit your business module.

Contact us today for a free no obligation quote for any agricultural, commercial, industrial or residential solar needs.

Contact Details:

Glen Victor (operational): (+27)79-583-3319

Kevin Anderson (technical): (+27)82-434-9631

Hannes Harmse (sales and commercial): (+27)81-069-8384


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