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Sun2Solar offers solar solutions for Africa

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Rising electricity costs, load shedding and poor energy have made it difficult for South African business owners and farmers to stay afloat. Households battle to function and the amount of people living below the threshold line increases daily. Sun2Solar cares and they are proud to be part of the solar solution throughout Africa because the one thing Africa has is the sun. 

Solar energy can help most consumers power their homes as an alternative or supplement to purchasing electricity from a grid. With power prices on the rise, consumers stand to save a considerable amount on monthly power bills by switching to solar.

Sun2Solar can help you with all your solar needs and solutions so that you don’t have to sit in the dark anymore. They have different renewable energy options to fit everybody’s home. Service is also very important for them.

Sun2Solar supplies the ALL-IN-ONE solar systems (panels and inverter) for your farm and business. They are based in Cape Town and Johannesburg with warehouses in Botswana (Gaborone) and Namibia (Windhoek).

Their products have easy maintenance and can be expanded if you don’t want to go big in the beginning. Generator extensions are also available.

Why choose Sun2Solar?

  • Superior customer service: They are dedicated to building strong lasting relationships with their partners and clients focusing on service.
  • Network throughout Southern Africa
  • A dynamic, committed team: Their agile and skilled team is consistently ready to offer assistance and can swiftly make on-the-spot decisions.

Sun2Solar’s products include: 

  • Their all-in-one energy storage system – the inverter

Neovolt, Livoltek, Sunsynk and Sunpro.

  • TIER 1 550kW half cell/ mono-facial half-cut modules/panels

Tongwei, Canadian Solar, Solargiga, JA and Jinko.

  • Portable units – This can be moved around your home

Sunsynk Contour 1000 & Contour 2000. Livoltek VS-P

  • Commercial units

Livoltek and Sinotec

For more information on Sun2Solars solutions and how they can help you, contact them at +27 61 509 8005 (South Africa), +27 61 509 8005 (WhatsApp SA), +264 81 773 9187 (Namibia), +264 81 773 9187 (WhatsApp Namibia) or send an e-mail at (South Africa), (Namibia). You can also visit their website at: 



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