SANTAM & SANLAM donate R3 million to alleviate impact of drought on farming communities

Santam, South Africa’s largest short-term insurer, and Sanlam, Africa’s largest non-banking financial services business, have collectively donated R3 million towards aid relief for farming communities. The donation will assist commercial and emerging farmers currently impacted by a devastating drought that has hit large parts of the country. The donation[...]

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Why we should all take silage seriously

By Gerhard Diedericks, Head: Santam Agri Around the world, we’re increasingly conscious of what we eat. We advocate for farm animals to be ethically reared and naturally fed. Silage – an ancient agricultural practice – is not only the most cost-effective way for farmers to ensure animals have high-energy,[...]

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Dek jou hommeltuig teen skade

Met onbemande lugvoertuie (OLV’e) of hommeltuie wat al hoe meer in verskeie sektore van die ekonomie wêreldwyd gebruik word, het onlangse versekeringseise in Suid-Afrika getoon dat om ’n hommeltuig ‘te verloor’ beslis nie so verregaande is as wat ’n mens sou dink nie. James Godden, hoof van Santam Lugvaart,[...]

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Santam pledges R1 million towards disaster relief efforts

South Africa’s largest general insurer, Santam today announced a donation of R1 million as an immediate donation to support disaster relief efforts following the Western Cape floods and the devastating fires in the greater Southern Cape region. The donation builds on Santam’s ongoing support to disaster management in a[...]

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